Heaps and heaps of ideas in-store for your wonderful mother.

Come and see our latest book releases along with some  old favourites, plus a beautiful selection of cards ("the best in Hamilton" we keep being told).

Gifts for all ages of mums too, from decorative boxes for keepsakes, precious photos, etc; CDs ( the Songbook compilation is our best seller at present, containing a wonderful selection of nostalgic songs); gorgeous little wooden hearts (so enduring); stunning Paperblank notebooks ( so mum can write about those special times) -the list goes on. 

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Paperblank Notebooks                                           Popular new fiction releases


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Songbook CD only $20.00


New non-fiction titles for mum, or yourself.


The airbnb story by Leigh Gallagher 

In less than a decade, Airbnb has become the largest provider of accommodation in the world - and it is rapidly growing in New Zealand. Now valued at $30 billion, it is one of the hottest 'unicorn' startups in Silicon Valley. In this first definitive book Fortune journalist Gallagher tells its remarkable story in all its formsand provides the first in-depth charcter study of its leader Brian Chesky,

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And I'd Do It Again by Aimee Crocker

Aimee was a woman of means not always a lady and never what you might call 'proper' and in this wonderful book she tells of having the world at her feet and Californian railroad fortunes in her purse. She boldly trelates her hilarious memoirs of escaping Headhunters in Borneo, avoiding poisoning in Hong Kong and outwitting murder in Shanghai. She celebrates her quintet of husbands including a Russian prince forty years her junior, This book will either bring a smile to your face or cause you to reach for your smelling salts if you're faint-hearted!

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Silly Isles by Eric Campbell

No man is an island but lots of men live on them. From the bestselling author of Absurdistan comes a hilarious tour through small but very strange places. In more than a decade of international reporting the author has covered wars, famines, presidencies and revolution. One could call him the Bill Bryson of the small,odd, forgotten places around the world as he also has a wonderful eye for the absurd.

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Not forgetting children's in:

Fancy Nancy Take-Along Storybook Set

Ooh la la- five fabulous Fancy Nancy books in one box set! Only $25.00 this is a great buy for girls who already love the character or as an introductory collection for 5 to 7 year olds (there is a fabulous website for fans with apps to downlaod and many activities...

For older readers there are chapter books featuring Nancy and the latest is

Nancy Clancy Late Breaking News .

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Another perfect series for early readers -meet Billie B Brown!

Billie B Brown has one balloon, one plaster cast, and one loose tooth. We have a fabulous and useful tin containing eight Billie story books for only $27.00. This will make a great gift for the 6 plus readers in your world.

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 And for all of those who consider themselves wizards the latest book (which is probably in every wizard's house already)-


Actually this is a book for Muggles. Muggles now have a chance to discover what the rest of the wizards already know, useful stuff like what Puffskein eats and why it is best not to leave milk out for a Knarl. Importantly one chapter covers Why Magizoology Matters. Lots of illustrations and secret information you've not till now realised you needed.

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