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Plus a big THANK YOU to our valued customers who bought and bought books and vouchers for Christmas presents.



What are your resolutions for 2017?


Without getting personal, forget the gym membership idea….we know how long that will last, sorry to be the bearer of that comment but we speak from experience.


The best New Year resolution ideas we’ve seen for a long, long time come from Penguin publishers and I’m blatantly copying them for you as these are absolutely doable!




NUMBER ONE- Read the book before seeing the movie

NUMBER TWO- Finish an author’s entire catalogue

NUMBER THREE- Read the best books of 2016

NUMBER FOUR-Try a debut author

NUMBER FIVE- Pick up a Young Adult novel ( remember the Harry Potter books?)

NUMBER SIX- Read an award –winning author

NUMBER SEVEN- Read a book that moves you.

NUMBER EIGHT- Read a classic

NUMBER NINE- Read the first book in a new series

NUMBER TEN- Read to improve a skill.



We’re here to help you achieve ALL of the above just ask if you need advice on any of them.